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athena - [ATHENA] Open Call for Papers ‹ Deadline Nov.1, 2016, ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines

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[ATHENA] Open Call for Papers ‹ Deadline Nov.1, 2016, ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines

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  • Subject: [ATHENA] Open Call for Papers ‹ Deadline Nov.1, 2016, ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines
  • Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 19:13:32 +0200

Chères et chers collègues, 

dans le cadre de la prochaine conférence ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medecines ( se déroulera à Kiel, du 6 au 12 Août 2017, nous proposons les deux panels suivant ( :

Visual Perspectives on Asian Medicines


Knowledge of Asian medicines is subject to circulation, transfer, and reinterpretation like no others. Regarding this knowledge in motion, research in the social sciences has been the most important reference point throughout the last decades. Since the 1970s, research on Chinese medicine, for instance, has been conducted in fields like sociology, contemporary history, social and cultural anthropology by Charles Leslie, Paul Unschuld, or Volker Scheid, only to name a few.

Notwithstanding the pioneering fields of research mentioned above, do Visual Studies and Visual Anthropology contribute to our understanding of Asian medicines? By what means can medical reasoning, actions, emotions, and the body in the therapeutic relationship be framed methodologically and heuristically? How can the many sensorial and physical experiences be captured, their multiple significations, times and spaces in the settings of Asian medicines? To what extent does the audio-visual experience overcome the potential limits imposed by the written text? Does the audiovisual approach allow for going beyond the diachronic segmentation of complex relations and their layered situations? These questions are to be specified for the socio-cultural contexts of Asian medicines and their practices, i.e. pharmacopoeia, massage, martial arts, etc.

On the occasion of this panel, in order to frame the making and the uses of pictures likewise, we do not only take anthropological fieldwork on Asian medicines as a point of departure, but the analysis of visual material already collected from a visual perspective as well.


The Institutionalization of Asian Medicines in Europe: Practitioners' Trajectories in Context


Knowledge of Asian medical practices circulates in a variety of forms, according to the national contexts they have become a part of. Asian medical practices are dependent on the practitioners’ individual trajectories and on social and institutional dynamics.

This panel focuses on realities experienced by key figures that have witnessed the development of Asian medical practices in Europe, as well as on collective realities linked to federations, associations, and schools of Asian medicines. To what extent is the diffusion of Asian medical practices due to the cultural and socio-economic dynamics of each European country in question? What do the trajectories of physicians and therapists invested in the acknowledgement of their practice tell us about the process of institutionalization? How do practitioners position themselves towards biomedicine and how do they define their area of expertise?

Apart from the particularities of each Asian medicine in question, what is equally of interest are the common grounds of Asian medical practices, from the point of view of practitioners’ trajectories, as well as from the socio-political strategies of collective legitimation.

This panel features inquiries from comparative and multi-disciplinary points of view, welcoming contributions from academia (history of medicine, social and cultural anthropology, sociology, political science) as well as by professionals (therapists, physicians, public health officials).

N’hésitez pas à nous soumettre vos propositions de communication. 

Toutes les informations utiles sont accessibles en suivant ce lien :

Bien cordialement,

Lucia Candelise, Matthias Sohr et Gilles Remillet

  • [ATHENA] Open Call for Papers ‹ Deadline Nov.1, 2016, ICTAM - International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines, Lucia Candelise, 10/26/2016

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