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gdr-sophy - Mailing list of the GDR SoPhy (Soft Physics for Hard Materials)

Subject: Mailing list of the GDR SoPhy (Soft Physics for Hard Materials)

Description: The mission of the "Soft Physics for Hard Materials'' GDR is to gather the French community involved in the study of hard materials obtained from soft precursors. This applies to a large number of materials such as cement, porous catalysts supports, and biological or bioinspired materials such as nacre or collagen-based composites involving biomineralization processes. This GDR covers all the stages of the synthesis of hard materials which often involve complex physical processes associated with the application of internal stimuli (e.g., ice templating, etc.) or external stimuli (e.g., mechanical shear, power ultrasound, etc.) during the shaping of the soft precursor. This GDR will examine the possibility to play on the structural, mechanical or functional properties of these precursors to better control their final microstructure and properties in the cured state.

The GDR is led by the Institut Lumière Matière (S. Deville), and attached to the Institut de Physique (INP) of CNRS.

This list is used to circulate information relevant to the members of the GDR: newsletters of the GDR, GDR events, workshops and conferences announcements, job offers (PhD position, postdocs, permanent positions, etc.), scientific articles of interest for the community, etc. You can consult the messages already sent in the list archives.

Subscriptions are moderated (we validate quickly), unsubscription is of course free.

Do not hesitate to send us (to Sylvain or Thibaut any information you wish to distribute to the members of the GDR.

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