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ping - Spread of information related to Polarisation in Noble Gases

Subject: Spread of information related to Polarisation in Noble Gases

The Polarisation in Noble Gases (PING) mailing list allows diffusion of PING related information to the community. It can be used to broadcast announcements of, e.g., conferences, online presentations, job opportunities, release of open resources for scientists, students, or the general public, innovations, new endeavours, etc.

Subscription is open to scientists involved in production or use of spin-polarised noble gas samples. The list may also include members with other relevant activities, interested in keeping abreast of advances in PING research and new applications.

The list is public and moderated. The collected email addresses are not disclosed and personal data are protected.

Individual subscription is requested and subject to approval by the owners. Users can unsubscribe at any time. They must agree to comply with the rules described in the list charter (included in the welcome message) in order to remain list members.

Attached documents are not accepted. Messages should only include link addresses from which the documents can be downloaded.

How to subscribe by email:
1- Choose the address with which you want to subscribe to the list.
2- From this address, send a message to as follows:
- In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe ping FirstName FamilyName (replace FirstName and FamilyName with your own first name and name).
- Leave the message body blank.
For unsolicited requests to subscribe: Please log on to the PING list environment and send an additional message to the PING list owners, so as to introduce yourself (indicate your full name, organisation, job title, and field of activity, as well as the reasons why you wish to subscribe to the PING list),
Read more about subscription:

PING list address:

PING list environment:

How to perform operations related to the list (unsubscribe, post a message, change the user's options, etc.):
You can either log on to the list environment homepage and use the web interface menu, or send email commands to the Sympa mailing list management robot.
Mailing lists web environment user guide:
Please follow the instructions provided there. If you experience any problem, please refer to the users FAQ (
SYMPA User's guide: Send a message to, leave the subject line blank, and in the message body type in: help.
To obtain a short description of the PING list and basic commands, send a message to, leave the subject line blank, and in the message body type in: info ping,

CNRS/ISD lists environment homepage:
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